This was meant to be from the beginning. Even Sarah Michelle Gellar ships these two. This is the one man Buffy never really got over, and their love both tested and overjoyed her. Yes Angelus caused an intense amount of pain, but technically Angel and Angelus are two different people, which is important to note here. And even after the Angelus saga Buffy still loved him. Although they could never really be together, they’re soul mates, and deep down they both know that.

Ranking the Greatest Couples From “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”

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You alone will carry the memory of this day. Can you carry that burden?

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Buffy and Angel | Surprise 

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buffy appreciation week:day 2, favourite pairing or friendship

                                buffy and angel

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Top Ten "Oh Hell Yeah" BTVS moments, in no particular order

6/10: Buffy catches the sword [‘Becoming Part Two’, 2x22]

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reasons why bangel is my otp:


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buffy appreciation weekday 7, favourite quotes or amazing acting scenes 

                        buffy and angelus possessed by grace and james

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make me choose: Angel\Buffy or Spike/Buffy (by xxfleurdelysxx)

What you’ve done for me, I can’t describe. I can’t pronounce. You gave me perfection and you gave it up. Jesus, Angel. That’s not just the love of my life. That’s the guy I would live it with.”

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ginger otp ♥✧・゚:*╮(◕ヮ◕)╭*:・゚✧♥

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you still my girl? a l w a y s

you still my girl? a l w a y s

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buffy appreciation weekday 6, favourite storyline or character development    

                     buffy dealing with her guilt and grief over killing angel

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- What is it about you that makes me melt?
- Maybe it’s that I love you.
- That’s gotta be it.

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