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favourite buffy x tara moments

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Title: Close Your Eyes    Artist: Christophe Beck


Close Your Eyes - Christophe Beck 


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BtVS, tragic first love. Of course it’s Buffy/Mister Gordo.

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So beautiful and the same time so sad! :(

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"Angel is Buffy’s true love. They have something you can never repeat. I mean, I understand it when people say nothing is ever the same after your first true love. They were soul mates." - Sarah Michelle Gellar

"For Angel, the love of his life is definitely Buffy, but he’s trying to become human again. You see, he lost his innocence early on. He never really got a chance to experience what it is to be a man. He lost that and he identified so much with this woman because there are so many similarities (between them)— and she brought that out in him." - David Boreanaz

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Anónimo asked:
i think the first time i saw the scene where angel comes to visit buffy in s5, my heart may have just stopped completely.

The thing is that, I knew he would leave again, and yet I couldn’t help but beeing super happy.

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Get To Know Me - 4/5 OTPs - Buffy Summers and Angel 

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That’s beautiful. Or taken literally, incredibly gross.

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"I’m sorry I couldn’t come sooner."

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Angel Rewatch - 1.03 “In the Dark” (4/?)

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"Buffy loved Angel unconditionally and I don’t think he’d ever had that before." -David Boreanaz

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